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“Close to You” – A simple print about love, comfort, security, cuddling, peace and more. Sometimes we are lucky enough to find this in another individual. Some live to experience these things but a lot of times it’s when we don’t look to control or create these feelings is when the present themselves in a genuine manner. And when you don’t expect them… they have the best results. Something I continue to learn in my life through multiple experiences (including relationships). I love to promote positive black relationships. Wherever you are in yours, whether with yourself or with another… keep them honest and embrace the trues. Enjoy!!

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“Close To You” is a high quality Giclee. Printed with archival ink on 100% cotton rag paper.

Price: $50 w/o shipping Size: 13×19  Click “Buy Now” button below

Note: If you want larger sizes or printed on canvas send an email to

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  • Neith December 28, 2018

    Good evening, my name is Neith. I would love to invite you and your art to an event. Please give me a call at your earliest. Please mention my name and that you received an email about your art. Thank you.
    Much Love Much Art.

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