Raise It Up!!! (Flyer Illustration and Design)

Raise It Up banner

Raise It Up” is one of my newest clients that are based here in Atlanta, GA. Good, good peoples. Straight up. Since i meet them, they have been a constant support and what they started is Community Crowdfunding. Just to get you familiar think… Kickstarter and Indiegogo. They are a national company that has built a base here in Atlanta. Great stuff too.

What they asked me to do was combine all the aspects of community crowdfunding into one image based on the concept of plant growing. To be successful you need ideas, passion, people, tools and nurturing (maybe more, HAAA!). So, I came up with this illustration and they loved it. Made a few corrections as you can see in the sketch process but not much. Can you say SCORE? FOOOSHHH!

raise it up web

– To get more info on RaiseItUp… Click HERE

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