C Flux Sing presents: . These prints was originally released on “Black Friday” 2014. Created from the early ink illustrations that I have been doing recently from my up and coming Sketchbook book. You can get each print for $35! They are “LIMITED EDITION” meaning, there is a limited amount to be printed and sold. So… get yours while you can. HAA.

Each Print -> $35(excluding shipping*).  ALL SIZES ARE 13X19(INCHES)

Print 1: Hearts Of Men

Hearts of Men web 3

“Hearts of Men” is about understanding the expression of love(or confusion of) from a man’s perspective. Not what you imagine it should be but what it is through a man’s passions, desires, thought, imagination, logic, words, understanding and actions in totality. What one perceives as love is not always received as love. People in general imagine love to be executed in specific ways which can lead to a jaded perspective. Point being, don’t get caught up in too many preconceived idea’s of how a person will express love. Getting to know them will help you understand how their mind and heart works. We’re all unique… these are the “Hearts of Men”!

Print 2: Keeping it Together… Apart

Keeping it Together... Apart web3

“Keeping it Together… Apart” is based on a lot of what I have been reading or witnessing in social and news media these days. Not only in that realm but close friends and associates as well. Having to do with the women I observed but both genders experience this. In short… vulnerability. Dealing with vulnerability in the face of your daily activities. Keeping it together, not breaking down, don’t let em see you sweat, lying to yourself about YOUR feelings, trying to figure it out, adopting certain ideals based on your feelings at the time as opposed to the truths or facts(not always the same) of the bigger picture. Fortunately and unfortunately, social media has been the outlet for this type of experience.

The thing about it is, without acknowledging the feeling of being vulnerable and the reasons behind those feelings… honest reasons, you will not be able to grow in a positive manner from that experience. Some may say it’s my opinion but I’ve seen it happen. Pride and ego is a mutha and sometimes the first things that try to protect you from feeling bad. Due to that, one will start to make up false truths and twist facts just to feel good. Gotta watch out for that nonsense. The spirit feels desperate.

Print 3: Half-Way There

HalfWay There web3

“Half-Way There” is about growth as an individual and growth as a unit. Growing together to simply put it. We all have our own vision about where we see ourselves in the future, the type of life we want as well as the type of mate that will complement our beings. For those of us that are sill learning who we are and how long it took us to get to this point… recognize that others are doing the same. You can expect people to have it all together but if you don’t, why should they? It takes time to get to know yourself. It takes time to get to know each other. In some instances it’s long and in others, it’s short. Non the less it takes time. Each of us is different so give yourself and others a likkle bit more tolerance. A tree never grew to full size over night.

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