C Flux Sing’s: “Hearts of Men” Limited Edition Package!

C Flux Sing presents: “Hearts Of Men” LIMITED EDITION ‘RED’ PACKAGE. Set to release on “Christmas Eve”, this is another version of the Black and White Print I released on “Black Friday” 2014. The difference is, they’re RED! Also, the entire package consists of  the actual print, and exclusive greeting card(for any occasion) and a physical copy of the “Hearts Of Men” CD. These are “LIMITED EDITION” meaning, there is a limited amount to be printed and sold. Each image will be signed and numbered. So… get yours while you can. HAA.

The price is now $35(Just the Print:excluding shipping*). ALL SIZES ARE 13X19(INCHES)

Hearts of Men web red

The Piece:

“Hearts of Men” is about understanding the expression of love(or confusion of) from a man’s perspective. Not what you imagine it should be but what it is through a man’s passions, desires, thoughts, imagination, logic, words, understanding and actions in totality. What one perceives as love is not always received as love. People in general imagine love to be executed in specific ways which can lead to a jaded perspective. Point being, don’t get caught up in too many preconceived idea’s of how a person will express love. Getting to know them will help you understand how their mind and heart works. We’re all unique… these are the “Hearts of Men”!

The Music CD:

I didn’t mention this earlier, but this piece was inspired by a wonderful friend of mine. A piece I released called “Wants and Resentments” opened her eyes a likkle bit. Saying, she didn’t even think men may have the feeling of desire and resentment towards a woman at the same time. Made me think about the communication between genders and how much we misunderstand about each other because the lack of. The “Hearts of Men” mix is something I put together for that reason. The first of many to come, my intention is for women and men(who may have a tunnel view of what being a man is) to relate to the ideas, feelings written and sung for a broader perspective . This particular one is called “Hearts of Men: Old Souls”. The majority of songs are from the 60’s and 70’s soul music era. Not really the hits from that time but ones you wouldn’t hear frequently. Also, not all the songs deal with the romantic aspect of love but love for themselves and the community. Songs about politics, society, greed, women, self improvement, money, culture, romance and more. Some of the music may have been sampled by great Hip-Hop producers over time. So it’s a nice mix. Made for you to LISTEN to… best at night when things are quiet. It comes free with the purchase of the package.

Price is now $35(just the print:excluding shipping*). PRINT SIZE IS 13X19(INCHES). GET YOURS!!

Actual Cards 1

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