“Half Man/Half Amazing” – The Music and Perspectives of Stevie Wonder & Nasir Jones

RECAP!!!!! Well, the event”Half Man/Half Amazing went down this past Friday January 30th and it was FANGTASTIC!! Unfortunetly I only have a small amount of pics but there will be more.

Major shout to Dj Jamad for helping to make project possible with the Stevie Wonder/Nas mix CD he crafted. People was already jamming to the joint. Thanks to the City of Ink for providing me with help, curtisy and the space to do the event. Love and thanks to my support team, all the people that came out, people who purchased some art, shared a post, posted a pic, smiled at me, missed the event… everything. Truly a great experience and I appreciate it all.

What is Half Man/Half Amazing?:

“Half Man/Half Amazing” is a concept that started out as (and still is to be) a surprise gift to a loooooong time friend of mine. It’s the combination of two great artists who she adores and I thought it would be FANGtastic to create an art piece as well as a special musical mix for it. After presenting the idea to Dj Jamad, it grew into something bigger.

Looking at it from my own appreciation of the two phenominal writers, I wanted people to further appreciate the artistry involved with the music they created. Stevie (a child prodigy) has written some of the best songs ever… spanning over 40 years. Nas is still considered to be the one of the best Mcees for 20+years. So the intension here is to give tribute and actually listen to the works they shared with us. Hopefully it can be inspiration for artists and others as well. Here’s to the AMAZING!

The Half Man/Half Amazing (Package Unavailable):

Half Man package pic

The “Half Man/Half Amazing” 13×19 inch Print on 100% Cotton Rag. Price: $50(without shipping). Click the button below.

Half Man pics

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