“Sunday” Illustration Print(Book by Ain HD)

This past Saturday(Feb. 21st), I had another opportunity to participate in The Honorary Citizens monthly event called “Good Vibes” with a friend of mine Ain HD. She just released a book of poetry called Sunday and it so happens that I Illustrated and Designed the book cover. So, it was only right that I brought some Limited Edition Prints for it.

” ‘Sunday’ is part confessional, part poetic documentary. Touching on social justice issues, love and relationships, family and life experiences, ain hd uses her voice to navigate through topics to which we all relate.” to give an overall description of the book. I was briefed on the topics of the book before the illustrating but to be honest, I didn’t need much. HAAA! It was clear to me from the beginning.

Sunday front web

Pulling from what Sunday represents in religion as well as adding the context of art and self expression…  Sunday is about ones relationship with god. Being consistent in cleansing, strength in knowing that connection exists and recognizing your honest self. The woman in the image is shedding all the layers of what can appear to be her but they are only perspectives. It reminds her that most of those views are not real. That allows her to detach or be free from them.


The “Sunday” Print is 13×19 for $50. Order Now!

Note: This is for the print only. Book is sold seperately

For more info on the book “Sunday” by ain hd, Check Here.

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