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“Winter Change” is a print based on our hibernation period during the Winter months. Most of us are home, cuddled within the warmth of our heating units. It’s cold outside, so besides going to and coming from work, people are not always in the streets. Some of us are waiting for Spring and Summer. And for others it’s a good time for self reflection and growth.

The butterfly is used in this piece because of it’s transformation from a caterpillar as an example for the often used metaphor representing growth as an individual. All the thoughts of doubt, despair, achievement, courage, happiness, lessons of the heart, anger, sadness and laughs you examine while moving forward in loving who you are can make you a stronger person. You can become more aware of yourself if you’re being honest as well as relate to other similar in passing. It can give you more control over you as opposed to other “negative” influences taking hold.

So after all that… where do you see yourself at? Did you learn anything? Did you take time to nurture yourself? Have you prepped for flight? Honestly, we can grow at any time in our lives whenever isolated. Just make sure you move with the intention to do so.

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First week price is now $50(excluding shipping*). PRINT SIZE IS 13X19(INCHES). GET YOURS!!

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  • Poodie April 8, 2015

    In lovvve!! Move dat DOPE!!!!

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