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C Flux Sing presents: BLACK INK 4 BLACK FRIDAY. Released exclusively for “Black Friday”. The sale is over but you still can purchase the prints. Created from the latest inked illustrations that I have been doing and inspired by the last Group Art Show I was a part of called “Smothered By The Things We Love” Held at Notch 8 Gallery here in Atlanta GA. They may also be included in my up and coming Sketchbook book. These prints are “LIMITED EDITION” meaning, there is a limited amount to be printed and sold. Only 20 of each image will be made, signed and numbered. So… get yours while you can. HAA.

Price for these prints are $35(excluding shipping*) each.  ALL SIZES ARE 13X19(INCHES)

Print one:

The Darker web 2

– The Darker The Clouds, The Heavier The Rain –

This is based on challenges. A part of my ” Heavy Clouds ” series, ‘ The Darker the Clouds ‘ is about ebb and flow as well as the concept of the bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward. Not because you are looking for a great result so much but more about the satisfaction and confidence in overcoming the challenges. You never know what life is gonna throw at you so you have to meet them… sometimes. Goes for relationships too. You still have to realize whether it is healthy or not… based on  the individuals involved. Give and take! Ebb and Flow… Meet your challenges.

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Print 2:

Water Boy web 2

– Water Boy –

This one is based on growth. One of my favorite subjects. HAA. Something I’m always progressing with and here, I’m showcasing the catalyse  for it. Water is something all species of life on this planet can not do without. Any one that knows me KNOW that I usually carry a jug with me daily. This keeps my system cleansing as well as hydrated. It keeps me perky so to speak. The plants are growing (from within) because they sense the water is near. It’s the vision and desire one has that pushes them yet, we are still influenced by things outside of us. Sometimes you gotta be careful of our influences. What inspires us can drive you. It’s just good to know what your destination is.

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