“ABRASIONS” Limited Edition Print!

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This right here is a “Limited Edition” Print for the latest album from Gensu Dean and Planet Asia’s latest album called “Abrasions” out now on MelloMusicGroup.com.

Now when I say “Limited Edition”… I mean LIMITED! HAAA! It’s a 13×19 size print(without the watermark of course) and costs $25($30w/shipping) from today June 17th until June 25th. After June 25th, the prints will cost $35($40w/shipping). You can order simply by pressing the “buynow” button below. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. Make sure you put in your correct address to assure delivery. Hit the “BUYNOW” Button:

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

This is a piece inspired by police brutality in our inner city neighborhoods as well as the murders of Oscar Grant, Sean Bell and the countless other youths who died at the hands of police officers. Awareness is key… action is key also. Let’s not wait until it’s your own families that are affected before getting involved.

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