Gang Starr(R.I.P Guru)!!!

Well, this is a tribute to one of the Dopest Hip-Hop Groups of all time. One of the most consistant, Gang Starr!!! This was for an Art Show that went down yesterday. There were name changes and location changes but the original idea was a tribute to Guru. Although the brother did his thang on the solo machine as well as Premiere but Gang Starr was the ultimate. Everybody waited for the next GangStarr album. You already know it was going to be Crazy. It’s just like Pete Rock and CL Smooth. Apart they may have knocked out some good work but shit… they work best together. So, this piece was a dedication to them. Of course it gotta be Tough! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Thanks to y’all for all the fly music you presented to the world. FANGGGGGGGGGG!

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