New Nina Simone “The Wrath of Kush” Prints


Nina Simone “The Wrath of Kush” Prints

This print has been sitting for a whilllllllllllllllllllle! Something that was originally for another project but… we’re making some new adjustments. So, just to put some new work out… We have my tribute to Nina Simone.

Inspired by my brotha Goldi Gold, I wanted to do a Nina Simone piece for a long time but everyone was doing them. You know how we do… whenever everybody is doing something, we do the opposite. Just the school I was birthed in. Well, people STILL doing pieces of Nina Simone so that ain’t gonna stop. HAAA. That woman has that much affect on the world. On black lives especially. You listen to her music. You watch the performances, the documentaries, the interviews and you can’t help but gravitate to her spirit. Nina was RAW, direct and honest at a time when being so could have easily gotten you killed. That’s what I love about her. I think that’s what we all love about her. It’s that ever so powerful female energy that we celebrate and love. I know I mentioned before that I was raised around that energy so it is welcomed and inspiring… and attractive.


I named this piece Nina Simone ” The Wrath of Kush ” for a couple of reasons. Reason 1: She was RAW. Can’t say Raw without thinking of Big Daddy Kane! Kane was a smooth, quick, intelligent, aggressive style Mcee from the late 1980’s and even at the time was considered one of the BEST EVER. He had a song called “The Wrath of Kane” which was MAGNIFICENT! if you never saw him perform that on the Apollo… do yourself a favor and find it.

Reason 2: The Kingdom of Kush is one of those kingdoms that they don’t talk about in history class. You really gotta educate yourself about black excellence. The powers that be do not want us to discover our history because it will remind us of our power as well as who we are. When learning those things, it can belittle the shallow philosophies that influence our lives. This lessens the psychological grip they use to control us. Kush was one of the largest if not THEE largest gold producing societies of the time. They also introduced Iron Alchemy. Say’s a lot. Let’s you know that Industrial Revolution was not new. HAAA.

So, Kush, Kane and Nina formulates what we have here called Nina Simone “The Wrath of Kush”. The raw, direct, honest, intelligent, ground breaking, aggressive, smooth, innovative, informing, melodic energies of a Kingship past but not forgotten… and back to refuel yo a$s for the next round of progression. This is to remind you of your greatness. FANGGG!

Nina Simone “The Wrath of Kush” Print

Price: $50 w/o shipping Size: 13×19 Printed on 100% Cotton Rag paper. Click “Buy Now” button below

Note: If you want larger sizes or printed on canvas send an email to

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