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“We’re In This Together” is a piece again, about relationships. It’s about how we can affect ourselves through the things we do to each other.

In particular, it has to do with arguments. We spend a lot of time arguing our own points and perspectives that we don’t or refuse to see the others. Some of it has to do with selfishness. Some of it has to do with fear. Sometimes it’s pride and ego as well. One would hope to see beyond an emotional level of things but it doesn’t happen much. HAA! You can think about yourself but if you aren’t thinking about your mate at the same time… there’s no relation involved except for how you think the other is making you feel. Sometimes it’s your own insecurities and when someone sheds light on it… there’s a lot of thoughts that come along with that vulnerability. You gotta be honest with yourself and accept who you are and grow from there. If the other person cares for you and moving in the same way… they will recognize it and deal righteously. If not… you got problems. HAAA.

In This 2gether Print mock

 None of us are perfect in relationships or even how we interact on a basic level. That’s the task of learning or getting to know someone. Some things connect and some don’t. From that point you decide how you want to deal. If you fail to recognize these things, you can end up destroying yourself while combating each other. Anger makes you tense, closed off in a sense and you can end up suffocating. May not see a way out until your last breath is let out.

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