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“Pass or Get Dragged” is one of those pieces that you need to view from three different sides. It’ is based on the last couple of generations and how we relate. No shame about it, my peers and I represent the middle generation. Our perspectives are shared with the other two. We respect the older generations moral codes for the most part and enjoy and respect the younger generations “make your own rules” mentality. There are values in both perspectives in life but it seems like… in some cases like they can’t respect each other. With that said, my generation is the glue. Sometimes we are the translator for both… the middle man. HAAA.

The thing about is, we all will have a chance to play those roles solely based on age. What we learn from our experiences will determine how we relate to the close people around us. The young will always have fresh, new and sometimes radical views. It’s what pushes us further in evolving as beings. You can continue to grow as you get older but that’s only with an open attitude regardless of what you may have learned. There is always more to learn. The spiritual being is infinite.

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However, if you stunt your own growth by believing there is nothing more or… that you are above those that experience life after you… time will run you ragged. The world is gonna move on! You can either… pass the batton or … get dragged from trying to hold on to what you thought to have possessed. Time moves and there is no sympathy for those who don’t move with it.

“Pass or Get Dragged” prints going for $50 without shipping. Size is 13in x19in. To order, press the “Buy Now” button:

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