SINK.SWIM.FLY” is the title of my latest print illustration that I’m releasing to close out the 2015 year. I decided to end it the same way I started it. In January I released a package called “Half Man/Half Amazing” highlighting the artists Stevie Wonder and Nas. People took to the concept well and the event was DOPE( Peep the blog post. HINT, HINT). I love to inspire with new perspectives or some things that I discover during my isolation periods. These times are usually filled with all type of emotional thrill rides and when it’s over, I walk out ever so smoothly with something to share… catching my balance but still GRAND. HAAAA!

Sink.Swim.Fly Color web

Sink.Swim.Fly ” is about choices. No matter how overwhelmed or out of control you may feel, there is always a choice to make. If we can just see those silver linings… If the light at the end of the tunnel would just peek towards us right? Most times we gotta look for it. Search for the solutions while being honest of course but… be open and try to avoid acting in desperation. Sooooo it’s up to you! What are you gonna do? Sink? Swim? Fly?

SINK.SWIM.FLY print is $50(excluding shipping*). PRINT SIZE IS 13X19(INCHES)

SINK.SWIM.FLY print on CANVAS is $400(excluding shipping*). PRINT SIZE IS 20X30(INCHES)

Darker.The.Cloud... Color web

The Darker The Clouds, The Heavier The Rain ” is based on the weight of challenges. Ebb and Flow. The larger the challenges, the larger the payoff. As long as you stay true to yourself. Know you can overcome and the result will empower you more than expected. It’s about the satisfaction and confidence in overcoming the challenges. To take it further… the universe, the void is deep, unknown and is represented by the woman. Through the woman(female energy) life in all aspects of the word is birthed. When the male energy gives to that(in whatever form), it’s natural for that energy to return in greater value. Says a lot about relationships… what you give is what you get! In both directions.

The Darker the Clouds… print is $50(excluding shipping*). PRINT SIZE IS 13X19(INCHES)

The Darker The Clouds… print on CANVAS is $400(excluding shipping*). PRINT SIZE IS 20X30(INCHES)

Water Boy Color web

Water Boy ” is another aspect of what the challenges of life can bring out you. Water is needed for every form of life on this planet because without it we will perish. As humans, our body is made up of 65%-80% water so, think about how much we need it. Relating it to water, life’s challenges help us to grow and we need them in order to do so. To be stagnated is to inhibit that growth. So any scent, taste or the recognition of any possibility to do the opposite will be the catalyst for change. Some it has to do with YOUR perspective. It’s really up to you on how you can grow.. for the most part. HAAA!

Water Boy print is $50(excluding shipping*). PRINT SIZE IS 13X19(INCHES)

Water Boy print on CANVAS is $400(excluding shipping*). PRINT SIZE IS 20X30(INCHES)

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